Why Ham Radio?

I have always been fascinated with two-way radio. When I was a kid I watched the Dukes of Hazard and I loved how they used the CB. I spent a lot of time asking policemen and firemen how their radios worked. Most didn’t really know but a few gave me bits and pieces of how it all came together.

When I was a teenager my Uncle Norman showed me his ham radio and I thought it was pretty cool that he was using a repeater to talk to his friends the same way the police and fire departments use theirs for dispatch. I started studying for my Novice test but life came along and I switched my focus to computers and networking. During my brief stint attending college at CCRI I worked part time at the RI Mall as a public safety officer. I carried a radio and took the time to understand how the repeater and autopatch worked. Those old HT-600’s and HT-1000’s were reliable and dependable old radios. Then a friend offered me a job it IT at WLNE-TV and I left all that behind.

For years I focused on teaching myself the ins and outs of IT. After 20 years focused on IT I felt like I was starting to get burnt out so I decided to circle back to radio as a hobby. I got my General in July and picked up a UV-5R. I found the performance lacking, so I moved on to mobile 2m rigs. I’ll post about those in the near future.

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